Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dropping By With Some Links

Although I've been a slacker in the Plaidy department lately, others have been reading her. Here's a post from I Heart Books about The Shadow of the Pomegranate, about Katherine of Aragon. It's a UK edition, evidently, with a very pretty cover. (But do pomegranates really cast that large of a shadow?)

And Daphne's been reading Passage to Pontefract, about Richard II and with a delightfully cheesy cover. (Note how much alike "Pomegranate" and "Pontefract" sound.)

Finally, speaking of Richards, here's the cover for the upcoming reissue of The Reluctant Queen, about Anne Neville, Richard III's wife. I rather like this one; although I have it in paperback, I may buy it just for the purty cover.


Daphne said...

I really love the cheesy covers from the mid 80's Fawcett books. I think I have those for the last half of the Plantagenet series - they are definately keepers!

I also really like the cover for The Reluctant Queen. I'll definately have to get that one when it comes out.

Gata said...

Another one I haven't read! I'm actually overdue for a post about my recent Plaidys - I finally got a hold of the Murder in the Tower and The Follies of the King. KInd of exciting, in a quiet way.